Pondering Whether He is Ready to Make it Official ?– Watch out for these Signs

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It may be difficult to tell if your male partner is willing to make it official. He may not be overt in his actions as he may not be sure about your reaction. For sure, he does not want his heart to be broken and will prefer being subtle about his fondness for you. He may gift you roses or romantic gifts and take you to expensive restaurants or shower you with fine jewelry with lavish to show that he likes you.

Even if the guy is genuinely interested in you, chances are that he may be playing it cool so as to not scare you off, especially if you both have started dating each other only recently. In such cases, it may be best to rely on your instincts to learn about his eagerness to take the relationship to the next level.

Additionally, there are some signs that you can watch out for, to help you learn whether he wants to make it official.

  • Plans His Days With You

If you perceive that he has started including you in his day-to-day plans rather than saving the meetings for the weekend, it is a sure-shot sign that he is planning to go from casual to an official with you. On the other hand, if you notice that he is making plans without you or refusing to be seen in public places with you or insists on keeping the relationship under wraps, consider it as a red flag and do not waste time with the jerk.

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  • Introduces You to Friends and Family

If you have met his family, friends, and co-workers, he has already dropped hints that he wants to make it official with you. This is one of the most prominent signs that the man is looking to go official with you. Yes, you can do a little jig for expressing your happiness.

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  • Deleted His Dating Apps

If he has told you that he is not active on dating apps such as Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and Bumble anymore, then take it as a hint that he wants to commit to you. His search for the perfect woman has ended and he is finally ready to settle down. Yeah, time for another little session of dancing and singing for articulating your new found happiness.

  • Spilling Their Secrets

You should know that if your man does not discuss things with you, then he is not serious about you for now. Whereas, if he seems to be comfortable talking to you and shares a few personal secrets, you can assume that he is totally into you and has eyes only for you. You can also be sure that he is not dating anybody else.

  • Dependable

Your man is dependable if he makes plans with you and sticks to them – considers it a sign that he likes being in your company and gives you priority over the others. But, if he calls at the last minute and says that he cannot make it often, we suggest you do not waste any more time on the twerp. He is never going to make it official and surely you do not want somebody so unreliable as your life partner, right?

  • Readiness to discuss relationships

There are times when you both may be discussing relationships and at these times, if you feel that he is not engaging as much as he should be, maybe he is not considering going official with you. On the contrary, if he seems to be warming up when discussing relationships, he is genuinely interested in going further with you.

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  • Seems Like a Natural Step

At times, making the relationship official with your man feels like the natural progression of things. Yeah, rely on your instincts for knowing if your association has reached that stage. But, if you feel that your relationship has ended its course, be certain that there is no future together for the both of you – it is best to move on in these circumstances.

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