Remove Stains from Your Silk Garments by Following These Tips

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Our garments getting stained through the day are normal incidences. If the stains can be removed effortlessly, we feel at ease. However, we tend to fret a lot if the stains are difficult to remove. Our brooding may continue for days on end if our favorite garments become soiled with stubborn stains that simply cannot be cleared.


You may find solace in the fact that if your silk clothes catch stains, there are removable with the help of a few basic household ingredients. Silk fabrics are comprised of natural fibers that are derived from moth caterpillars. Silk garments are comfortable to wear during summer and winter; however, these fabrics are delicate in nature and require special care for cleaning them.

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The following details contain more information on the ways of getting rid of obstinate stains from silk garments.

  • Vinegar

Where sweat stains are concerned, they can be eliminated with the application of vinegar. Combine equal amounts of vinegar and water after which the mixture should be applied on the stained areas. You can dip a sponge in the preparation and follow by dabbing on the concerned areas.

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Subsequently, fill a bucket with warm water and add 2-3 drops of shampoo and work up a lather. Now, immerse the silk garment in the soapy water and keep for 5 minutes. Use your hands to rub the garments by applying light pressure. Be careful to not go overboard with the scrubbing as it could damage your clothes.

  • Glycerin

In cases of your silk clothing becoming stained with tea or coffee, your first step should be to apply warm water with the help of a sponge over the tainted portions. Follow by applying some glycerin and then leave to dry for 30 minutes. Lastly, splash warm water for clearing the garments.

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  • Talcum Powder

Sometimes, your silk garments could get stained with oil. In such circumstances, you will need talcum powder. Spread the powder on the soiled portions and keep for 20 minutes. Thereafter, you should brush away the extra powder.

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Additional Details

  • If applying any cleaning products, it is important to determine if the color of the fabric fades or runs. For ascertaining the same, you must conduct a spot test on the inner part of the garment. Take a cotton ball and moisten with water and follow with its application on the dress. If you perceive that the color does not seem to fade, the dress is safe to hand wash. On the other hand, if the color fades, take the clothes to the dry cleaners.
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 You must also bear in mind to never use undiluted vinegar or other chemicals on your silk clothes. Be sure that you mix it with water before their use on your silk dresses.

  • Chlorine must never be used on silk fabrics.
  • Silk garments containing delicate embroidery must only be given to the dry cleaners. Never dip these clothes in water.
  • You can substitute vinegar with lemon juice for getting rid of perspiration or deodorant stains.
  • Always air-dry the silk garments in the shade and not sunlight.
  • When ironing silk clothes, be sure to keep the iron on ‘silk’ setting and apply on the reverse side for getting rid of the wrinkles.


We have seen that using a few basic ingredients, we can keep our silk garments free of stains. Now, you can be comfortable with adorning your silk dress on special occasions without having to worry about cleaning them.

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