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There are various car repairs that can be completed at home, you can save on expenses by doing so. However, similar to all kinds of repairing works, mending your automobile also requires some basic car tools. It must be noted that all not cars are repaired in the same manner. The varied makes of cars have different requirements. But, a few common tools are helpful for all kinds of car repairs and they are studied in the following details.

Socket Sets

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Use socket sets for loosening the nuts and bolts of your car. They are availed in a range of sizes such as small, medium and large.


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Wrenches can be used in place of socket sets. The 2 sets of wrenches that are available are the metric and standards types.


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Ratchets are useful for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts from sockets. Small, medium and large are the sizes that are available.


You have a wide array of screwdrivers that you can include in your tool-bag for removing the car clamps. The different kinds of screwdrivers have varying lengths and heads.


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The inclusion of pliers in your home tool-repair kit is also a must for tuning the hoses, connectors, and brakes.


Rubber mallet and ball pein hammers are other requisites to add to your set of automobile gear for toiling on the car components such as brakes. They are also handy for general purposes during the repair works.

Breaker Bars

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Breaker bars function as a substitute for torques. You can loosen bolts and wheels with their application.

Torque Wrench

These tools can be utilized for fastening the cylinder heads and wheels of cars.

Pry Bars

The use of pry bars is considered for removal of nails and disbanding other components of your automobile.


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Headlamps are needed if there is any need to undertake car repairing works during nighttime. Dark corners can be lit-up with these pieces of equipment. LED lighting solutions can also serve these purposes; usually, they are preferred because of their cost-effectiveness and energy-saving qualities.

Multi meters

Multi meters that read amperage are the ones that you must add to your repair-kit.

Extension Bars

These tools can help in reaching the far corners of cars. When laboring on the innermost portions of the car engines, these devices help in executing the job.

Socket Swivels

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For loosening the bolts that are fastened in the areas that are not very accessible, you may want to consider the use of socket swivels.

Jack and Jack Stands

Jacks and jack stands are available as a set. If your car breaks down, they are needed for changing the tires and tuning the brakes. Jacks are helpful for lifting the cars and jack stands keep the vehicle supported when repairs at the downside of the cars are required.

Oil Filter Wrench

These instruments can loosen the oil filter. This function can also be performed by hand, but these tools can facilitate the task due to which you must consider incorporating them in your car tool box.

As we conclude, it may also help you to learn that there are additional tools that can be added to your car repairing kit including storage boxes, drip pans, engine hoist, and electrical tape. You can save a lot of money by doing some small car works at home. Nonetheless, if you are not able to execute the tasks, it is better to hire a mechanic for the job.

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