Satisfy Your Wanderlust – Take an Egypt Tour

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The holiday season is just around the corner and you must be wondering where to head on your next vacation. If you have not visited Egypt, consider taking a trip to the country. Having existed through the ancient ages including the Pharaoh regime, Egypt serves as a great holidaying spot for you and your family.

cairo skyline egypt
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Egypt connects with the Middle Eastern countries and Northern part of Africa. One of its most popular water-bodies is the Nile River Valley that has several monuments placed on its banks. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and home to various landmarks including the Muhammad Ali Mosque.

Some things that you should carry back for your folks at home are copper trays, artifacts, Egyptian spice powders, hand-woven carpets, precious metals and cotton fabrics.

Find in the below-listed details, some places that you must visit during your Egyptian tour.

  • Egyptian Pyramids, Giza

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt, which have also found their place in the Seven Wonders of the World, is the humongous pyramids within Giza district.

Cheops pyramid
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Out of the 138 pyramids that were discovered in Egypt, Giza houses the gargantuan ones. They are believed to have been constructed through the Old and Middle Kingdom eras; the structures were used as tombs by the Pharaohs and their companions.

Another distinctive feature of the pyramids is that they are seen alongside the western bank of the River Nile, in the direction that the sun sets in, and are synonymous with deceased souls. A maze of passages is found within the pyramids for protecting the Mummies and their precious belongings.

  • Valley of Kings and Karnak Temple, Luxor

Located in the Upper part of Egypt, Luxor town contains varied tourist sports such as Valley of Kings, Karnak Temple and Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut.

Luxor Temple
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The Eastern bank is popular for its souks; the Western bank houses tombs, temples and has also been hailed as the biggest open air museum around the world.

We suggest you tour Luxor for few days to know more about the culture of Egypt and the importance of its many monuments, temples, and tombs.

  • Egyptian Museum, Cairo

At the Egyptian Museum in Egypt’s capital Cairo, you can have a look at the various art centers. Amongst the museum’s enthralling art collections are included the exhibits of the Royal Mummies.

Egyptian Museum
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Housed within its interiors is the tomb of King Tutankhamen, who was appointed as the ruler post his father’s death King Akhenaten. The site was discovered by Howard Carter during the year 1922 and was packed with the monarch’s treasured belongings that Egyptians believed are carried in the afterlife.

  • St. Catherine’s Monastery

St Catherine’s Monastery has historic significance because it is believed that Moses acquired his 10 commandments at this tourist spot. This monument is found at the foot of Mount Sinai and is situated in the midst of a desert.

Saint Catherine's Monastery
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This monastery contains a variety of art works, religious texts, and ancient manuscripts. You must also make sure to make a visit to the Burning Bush during your stopover.

Other activities that you can indulge in are mounting Mount Sinai for viewing the Sunrise and Sunset or riding at the back of a camel or climbing the Steps of Repentance.

  • Aswan Town
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Watching the orange-shaded sand dunes in Aswan should be included on the must-do list of things during your trip to Egypt. Additional activities that you can engage in when visiting this Egyptian town are riding on camels when heading towards the St. Simeon monastery based on the east bank or traveling on a ferry when going to Elephantine Island.


We hope now you are convinced that Egypt is a place to visit once in your lifetime. There are several things to do when in Egypt and be assured there is never a dull moment when you are touring this much sought after tourist destination.

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