Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant – All You Wanted to Know

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Recently, Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant. The surgery was required because she was diagnosed with Lupus. Her friend Francia Raisa volunteered to be the donor.

Selena Gomez
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It was on September 14th that she posted the news on Instagram to inform her well-wishers about her condition and promised to share more news at a later date. It was in the year 2015 that Selena announced that she was afflicted with Lupus.

Selena Gomez
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In the United Kingdom, around 15000 people have fallen prey to Lupus, which is an auto-immune disorder that is characterized by the immune system attacking the body’s healthy cells and other parts.

A National Health Service (NHS) General Practitioner (GP) in his interview to a leading newspaper stated that the symptoms in victims of mild and moderate cases of Lupus are known to vary greatly. Moreover, the kidneys of patients that are affected as a result of the prevalence of Lupus can prove to be life-threatening. Where Selena Gomez was concerned, she required a kidney transplant for recovering from her disorderly condition.

The singer cum actress also mentioned on Instagram that she required a kidney transplant for improving her overall well-being and stated that to be the reason for her maintaining a low profile. She also expressed her desire to share her experiences of the past months with her fans and followers. Additionally, she posted a photo with her donor friend in the hospital during her surgery that took place over the summer. She also expressed her gratitude for Francia for giving her the best gift.

She was also vocal about her thankfulness to the team of doctors and her family for their strong support during the difficult time.

Her post managed to garner 3 million ‘likes’. Pictures of her post-operative scar on the lower part of her abdomen were also posted on social media sites.

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She is also known to have called off her ‘Revival’ world tour for undergoing therapy because she was ailing from anxiety and depression. Apparently, she was having panic attacks and anxiety bouts due to Lupus.

The pop sensation has around 126 million followers on Instagram and is known to be the most-followed personality on the platform. Her donor friend, Francia Rasia is an actress by profession and features in the television serial ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’.

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Since 2013 after the release of her first music album ‘Stars Dance’, the pop singer has been topping the US charts multiple times. Also, she has been in the news for her alleged affair with the hugely popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Apparently, their relationship had several ups and downs for many years.

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However, the actress is currently dating Weeknd. It seems that she has matured and finally seems to have found the one she would like to spend her life with. Both Abel and she have been openly proclaiming their love for each other.

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As we conclude, we wish Selena a speedy recovery and all the best for her relationship with Weeknd singer Abel. We also hope that she continues to entertain us with her heart-thumping numbers for a long time.

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