Should Celebrities Scoff at Paparazzi?

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There is much debate over whether celebrities scoffing at the paps is justifiable or not. Stars have complained about photographers following them around for getting pictures in perilous situations. They drive recklessly and on the wrong side of roads for capturing photos in their cameras. Sometimes, there are serpentine queues outside celebrity homes and if complaints are lodged, they only shift further down the lane.

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Such instances have physical and emotional ill-effects on the celebs. Some people consider it part and parcel of stardom; however, other groups become distressed under these circumstances.

The press argues that they are only doing their job and the celebrities should not be complaining. Nevertheless, some photogs are of the opinion that the entire package of the pictures matters. Pics of stars walking down the streets is not as interesting as capturing them during their embarrassing moments.

Some paparazzo state that they are not affected if the celebs call them names, it only strengthens their resolve to get more of their photos.

In some cases, complaints have been lodged with the police about paparazzo harassment at communal parks. However, the lensmen have only been arrested and never charged in such circumstances. Apparently, the photographers feel that they cannot expect privacy in public places.

Nowadays, publication agencies have drawn lines on the pictures that they accept. Some of them do not entertain pictures of celebrity kids unless they are permitted by their parents. If a star is bringing their child on the red carpet then they are putting them under the arc lights and the paps cannot be blamed for clicking the pics. Even where beach pictures using long lens are concerned, if they are taken on private beaches, the agencies refuse to accept them. A lot of questions are asked before the photographs are taken by the publication houses.


There have also been reports of paparazzi making deliberate attempts to get a reaction from the celebrities. Stars lashing out at photographers makes for big news and results in higher sales of their magazines. Paparazzi say astounding things and record only the reaction of the celebs and conveniently edit the portions that lead to the scuffles.

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That said, all photographists are not bad. Some have morals and stick to the rules. On the other hand, some press photographers stoop to any level for obtaining the pics.

Sometimes, the celebs ask their publicist to invite the snappers for clicking pictures for gaining publicity. Also, they get a part of the proceeds. In such cases, the celebs have no reason to complain.


At times, publicists call the paps without informing their clients as they feel it will be beneficial for the patrons.

Paparazzo are arguing that celebs cannot decide when to ‘turn-on’ and ‘turn-off’. They opine that the celebrities should be accepting towards the consequences.



The disagreements between the celebs and paparazzi are never going to end. These have been the state-of-affairs for several decades. We can only hope that a settlement is reached between both parties so they can survive amicably in the industry on which they are dependent for their livelihood.

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