Spotted – The Signs She Is Asking For Sex

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It is a common adage amongst men that women are difficult to understand. However, they are really not that difficult to comprehend if you are attentive. Would you not love to know more about women, especially when they are hinting that they want sex? Sometimes, you may fail to read the signs as some women are subtle. However, if your female partner is blatant, then you are in luck.

In the following details, we have listed some signs that can help you understand that your mate is in the mood for sex.

Getting on Your Back

If she hops onto your back it is a sure shot sign that she wants it and wants it now. The question is will you oblige her?

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Baby Sleeping

If she whispers into your ear and says the baby is asleep and directs you towards the bedroom, take it as a hint from her that she is looking for some lovemaking.

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Altering Her Voice Tone

If you hear her change her normal tone to a seductive one and asks you blatant questions like ’Hey, how you doing? (Remember Joey from Friends) along with wiggling her eyebrows, yes you guessed it right; she is in the mood for some love. We suggest you pick her and lead her straight to the bedroom.

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Are you Feeling Cold?

If she asks you whether you are feeling cold and comes closer or takes your hand and places it on her, she is subtly implying that you make mad love to her right then and there.

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Asks Blatantly

Some women do not believe in being blatant. If you are playing video games and she wants to divert your attention towards herself, you may notice that she removes her clothes or asks you straight out if you are interested. Yeah, these signs are not difficult to catch, you read her right, she is asking for it.

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Perform Squats

Many women vouch for the fact that if they perform squats in front of their man, it works every time in getting their male partners to do the needful and that too at the earliest. You may also notice that she maintains eye contact when practicing the squats to make sure that you get her hint as soon as possible as she cannot wait for it any longer.

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Take a Shower

If she asks you whether you want to take a shower, take it as a hint that she needs you. It is her way of telling you that let’s clean ourselves only to get dirty later on.

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Wears Sexy Lingerie

Wearing sexy lingerie and strutting around the room is a sign that we are sure you never miss that her hormones are raging and she wants you by her side. Waste no time and get under the covers to pacify her, we suggest.


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Sex is simple and gratifying.Never try to experiment too much. It’s about how you and your partner enjoy the game of sex.