Steps to Become a Millionaire: Slow and Difficult

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People might say “money isn’t everything.” or “money doesn’t matter so much.” But most of us dream of becoming a millionaire. Why?  There’s a term “success” which brings money.

I believe “Nothing succeeds like success.”

So let’s say money is important. Like many other people, you should accept that you want to be a millionaire. What could be the trip, tricks or strategies to be applied to increase your possibility of joining millionaire club?

The road to becoming a millionaire is neither fast nor easy. But if you work on the definite way, they would more likely to have an easy and quick path.



The following strategies can be followed:

Don’t get too much obsessed with money:

Needn’t see money as the primary goal, but as a by-product of doing right things.

Because everyone should understand that money comes from a source and we have to achieve that source.

So achievement brings money. Need to do things truly contribute to building and growing wealth. The shift of your perspective is important.

Think about helping others, even if in a very small way:

The most successful people do have the serious intention to help others financially and in other ways.

They are good at understanding others and help them accordingly to achieve their goals. Because they believe that their success also rests on the success of the people around them.

Therefore, they go on helping their employees, customers, vendors and their suppliers. Once they serve the above-said people well, they will be served well.

As a result of that, they can build a business or a career they would be truly proud of.

Try to concentrate on helping million people rather than earning million dollars:

When you have a very limited number of customers and your goal is to make a lot of money, you will be desperate to find ways to wring every last dollar out of those customers.

But when you start to serve millions of people, many more benefits would follow.

Your sphere of influence starts to get magnified. The result you have will be greater and so are your opportunities to improve your products and services. Serve million, serve them well and the money will definitely follow.

See making money as a way to make more things.

There are two types of people.

One type of people do things because they want to make more money out of They really don’t know how much enough for them is. They’ll make anything as long as it brings.

The other type of people makes money because it allows them to make more things. They want to improve their product or service and extend their customer base.

They enjoy what they make and they rate making money as a way to do even more of what they enjoy.

Focus on doing one thing better:

Pick one thing what you’re good at than others. Just concentrate on doing one thing. Work, Train, Learn, Practice, Evaluate & Refine.

Financially successful people do one thing better than everyone. Excellence has its reward, but excellence commands greater pay, greater respect, and greater self-esteem.

 Make a list of the world’s ten best people:

Pick 10 best people of the world and analyze their success and of course, you have to set criteria for choosing those people.

Use the same procedures to rate your own progress towards becoming the best. Don’t just admire people for their achievement but look at what makes them so successful.

Consistently work towards progress:

Need to evaluate your progress every week with regard to the set of measures Such as how many people you’ve helped, how many customers you’ve served or the key steps on your journey to becoming the world’s best at one thing.

They may be a combination of things or more.

Establish routines that instill progress:

Achieving a goal is based on creating routines. Setting a daily target or routine to do something that is enough to achieve your aim is crucial. Set goals, create routines that support those goals, and then track your progress.


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