Survey reveal top 10 male sex fantasies

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THIS fantasy has many facets, from being spoiled orally by his own wife to having wild oral orgies with a bunch of sexy and willing girls. It involves not only fellatio – oral sex performed on HIM – but also the position 69, where two people spoil each other at the same time. SPOIL HIM ORALLY Hand to heart, does your man get all the oral sex he wants? Does he get any at all? In case you never had any oral sex together and ne never asked for it: that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it. Many men are too shy to ask their girls to go down on them, being afraid she might be shocked or disgusted. So if you are willing to give it a try, let him know. SEDUCE HIM WITH 69 Don’t talk about it beforehand, just turn around in bed and go for it. Kiss his inner thighs and his testicles before you make a move on his penis. And make sure you are in a position that allows him to return the favours and spoil you as well.


A THREESOME with a couple of sexy girls is a hot fantasy that most men had at some stage in his life. And some guys are fantasising about it constantly. Often the dream girls are lesbian, they are making love to each other when he comes along and joins in. Sometimes the dream involves the own partner and another woman. GO FOR IT! If you are open-minded, start a chat about threesomes, ask whether he ever wondered what it would be like. Take it from there, if it comes out that you both would like to try it, go ahead. GET A THREESOME DVD Watch a porn with threesome scenes, his reaction will show you what he thinks about it. Take it from there.


WHEN a man is fantasising about having sex with somebody else behind his partner’s back, it can indicate that he is missing something in his sex life. It could also indicate an obsession with a woman – or man – who is out of reach and who he quietly but passionately admires. MAKE HIM HAPPY IN BED Take the initiative more often. Try not to say NO too often when he wants to sleep to you. And show some serious passion in bed. ASSURE HIM HE IS A GREAT LOVER He might just be looking for assurance, because he doesn’t get enough of it at home. So boost his self-confidence with some compliments about his sexual prowess.


MANY men are obsessed with breasts and dream of literally making love to them, of rubbing themselves all over them, of being engulfed between them until they climax. This fantasy can involve the man’s own partner, or another woman — usually one with invitingly huge breasts. GIVE IT A TRY This is a fantasy that is quite easy to fulfil, so give it a try and don’t give up if it doesn’t work straight away. Cleavage sex can be tricky and it might require some practice before you succeed. WORK ON IT UNTIL YOU FIND THE RIGHT POSITION You can have cleavage sex in many different positions — she on her back or kneeling over him; both lying on their sides; she kneeling in front of him. Try all positions you can think of until you find the right one for you.


A fancy car, a fine bird sitting beside him, then stopping in a lover’s lane, reclining the comfy seats and she is leaning over to open his pants and give him oral sex. Or they move onto the roomy backseat… But actually, some men dream about sex in their own car, with their own girl. ROCK HIS WHEELS Ask him whether he’d fancy having a sexual adventure in his car. Move to the backseat, pretend you are 17 again, and steam the windows up. LEAN OVER Go for a drive, ask him to pull in somewhere, lean over, unzip him and spoil him.


A couple of fancy drinks, flirting with the exotic beauty until her eyes turn first dreamy, then hungry – she takes his hands and brings him to the deserted beach where she spoils him rotten. A bit like the hot beach scene in Tom Cruise 1993 movie The Firm. Some men fantasise about sex on the beach with their own woman, on their holidays in Spain or another warm place. PLAN IT FOR YOUR NEXT HOLIDAYS Bring him for a walk on a deserted beach, start kissing and fondling him…I’m sure that is all the invitation he needs. SUGGEST A ROLE PLAY He can stay ‘himself’ – and you pretend to be whoever he’d like you to.


In his fantasy he turns into a peeping tom and secretly watches a woman undressing, then touching her breasts until her hand moves down between her legs. And all the time she is completely unaware of his presence. Actually more frequent is the fantasy of watching his wife or girlfriend while she is making love to somebody else – this can be a man or a woman. MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE Make your own sex film, then watch it together. TRY SWINGING Swinging serves both voyeuristic and exhibitionistic fantasies – you can watch others having sex, while others are watching you.


The fantasy usually involves being picked up by an unknown woman he bumps into – usually in some bar or pub. She doesn’t mess around, just asks will he come home with her where she attacks him like a wild beast and they have the best and wildest sex ever. AMBUSH HIM Plan a sexual attack on him. Take him in the kitchen, the sitting room, in any place that you usually don’t have sex in. Be sexually aggressive and dominate him. The more different you feel from the girl you really are, the closer this adventure will come to the fulfilment of his fantasy. ROLE PLAY Pretend to be strangers. Go out separately so you can bump into each other later. Surprise him by suggesting going back to a hotel instead of going home — it will make the pretence of being strangers more realistic.


He wants to watch his girl while she is touching herself. She might be aware that he is watching, or she might not be. Normally, he is touching himself while he watches. DO IT! If you are both relaxed about masturbation, just start touching yourself while he is close by, and let him watch. WATCH EACH OTHER Ask him to touch himself and let you watch, then surprise him by touching yourself at the same time.


A dominant woman just takes him and uses him for unrestrained sex. Or he gets bound up by a dominatrix, dressed in black and without mercy. Sometimes an older, cougar-type woman keeps him as her sex boy. GET THE WHIP OUT No, seriously. Check whether he’d like to try out domination games, with you as the dominant part. Discuss what you’d like to do together, that is important. You obviously can’t just truss him up and dominate him without his consent. PLAY COUGAR Pretend you are older and wiser than him, boss him around a bit. Let him do a couple of chores for you. Tell him what you want him to do in bed.

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