Tabria Majors Challenges the Rigid Model Policies of Victoria’s Secret

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Tabria Majors has lashed out at Victoria’s Secret for their policies pertaining to featuring only skinny models in their ads. However, this is not the first time that the company is under fire for its rigidity in beauty standards. In the past, Ashley Graham has also claimed that she was shunned by the company innumerable times.

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Apparently, both of them are accusing the brand of making only thin models adorn sexy lingerie and underclothes. According to them and several other groups of people, the company does not believe in diversity. They are of the opinion that plus-size models can look alluring in their lingerie wear as well.

Tabria Majors is a model who is based in Brooklyn and has posted 3 pictures of herself wearing Victoria’s Secret clothes for making a point that curvy-shaped women can look appealing in the designer house’s clothes too. Her intention was to draw attention towards the strict beauty norms employed by the company with respect to their ad campaigns.

Tabria’s post read like ‘“Maybe I’ll be a Victoria’s Secret Angel this year for Halloween, since it isn’t happening in real life,”. Her post has received more than 27,000 likes on Instagram. However, as mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that the lingerie manufacturer has faced flak for their ads, runway model Ashley Grant has also leveled charges against the company and accused them of spurning her innumerable times. As a counter back, she did a campaign with Lane Bryant, the hashtag for which was #I’m No Angel.

According to Tabria, the lingerie manufacturer emphasizes on featuring only small-sized models in their ads. She finds this trend to be highly outdated. For proving that oversized models can seem appealing in lingerie wear, she clicked photos of herself adorning the company’s underclothes and swimwear after which she posted them on her Instagram account.

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She wanted to prove her point that women with curvaceous bodies can also contribute to the company sales. Nonetheless, the groups of people protesting against the brand’s beauty standards have nothing against the skinny models, but only feel that the company should be diverse in their approach when it comes to exhibiting models in their ad campaigns.

Tabria received an overwhelming response on the internet after she posted her photos. Some said that the company should also focus on manufacturing bigger-sized underclothes for serving the needs of the average women.

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Victoria’s Secret is an American-based manufacturer of womenswear. As part of their offerings, they have a variety of lingerie wear, footwear, sportswear, women’s clothing, panties, and bras for their esteemed women clientele.

L.Brands is a public limited corporation and Victoria Secret is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. The lingerie line of Victoria’s Secret is called Pink and caters to young women between the ages of 15-22 years. The founders of Victoria Secret are Roy Raymond along with his wife Gaye. It was on June 12, 1977, that the couple started the company in San Francisco, California. However, the Pink line was launched 15 years ago, on October 16, 2002, for catering to older teens and young adults.

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