Tesla’s Latest Introduction – The 250 mph ‘Roadster’ Model

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The updated version of Tesla’s novel sports car, Roadster, was unveiled by the company’s product architect Elon Musk. The newly-launched car was recognized to be the fastest whilst keeping in mind its speeds that range from 1.9 seconds to 0-60 mph and extend up to 60.42 seconds for 0-100. Within 8.9 seconds it covers a quarter of a mile.

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Musk further added that their new launch was a basic model. The car’s topmost speed is recorded to be 250 mph. Also, it contains a 200 kWh battery set that can cover 630 miles of highway drives – apparently, at speeds below 250 mph as well.

This 2-2 four-seater will be available by the year 2020 at a cost of $200,000. However, the first 1000 that can be purchased will be the Founder’s Series models at a price of $250,000. The experts are claiming that the price is reasonable for anybody seeking to own the fastest car.

The crowd went into a frenzy when Musk unveiled his company’s latest production. Its design is based on classic sports car norms. At the launch party, the car was driven on the hangar runway before halting between two parked Tesla Semi Trucks.

The speed of 0-60 mph covered in 1.9 seconds supersedes the 2.5 second time limit of the Tesla Model S P100D covered in ‘Ludicrous’ mode.

Musk, also, seemed to have mentioned that it was an opportune time to unveil a prototype automobile and it was possible to exceed that on a production vehicle.

Image Credit: media4.s-nbcnews.com
Image Credit: media4.s-nbcnews.com

If anybody wanted a ride, they had to pay a deposit of $50,000 for purchases when the car becomes available; notwithstanding, the full amount to be paid during the time of delivery. Yes, there were many takers for this offer too.

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