Thai Cave Boys: The Complete Lowdown on the Rescue Mission

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While exploring a cave with your mates can be fun, getting stuck for a couple of days in the dark caverns due to flooding can have life-threatening consequences. Luckily, the 12 Thai boys along with their coach came out alive; their cave ordeal ended after 18 days.

Thai cave boys

The 12 boys, who were part of the Wild Boars football team, along with their coach had planned to visit the Tham Luang caves as part of an adventure trip on June 23rd. Little did they know that all of them would be stuck due to rising flood waters. They were discovered by 2 British divers only on July 2nd, perched on a rocky ridge that was 4 kilometers inside the cave.

After being found, over the next couple of days, the boys were rescued one-by-one. On July 10, all the boys and their coach were rescued. After being rescued, the victims were airlifted and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

At the hospital, some boys showed signs of pneumonia while all of them recorded low body temperatures. However, they were administered treatment. Also, they were fed porridge, chocolate, bread and nutrient-rich foods for their body nourishment. But, they were not allowed to meet their families for few days until they did not display any signs of infections.

From all around the world, there were hundreds of experts who cooperated to rescue the trapped boys. The rescuers described the rescue mission to be one of the most arduous ones. Through shallow waters that were moving at a fast pace inside the narrow-sized passages, the divers had to navigate to reach the boys, as part of the rescue works. Also, the water currents were extremely strong that made the expedition riskier. Moreover, the oxygen levels in the cave had fallen considerably.

The mission was, anyways, a highly complicated one and the likelihood of more rains only added to the woes of the families and rescuers as well. There were no guarantees that the trapped persons would come out alive.

Thailand cave rescue

More rain would have led to a rise in the water levels. In turn, the amount of available air would have reduced and consequently, hampered the chances of the boys getting out alive. Fortunately, such a scenario did not occur.

However, the rescuers were at their jobs. After they decided that boys had to dive to get out, they gave the boys training on the use of scuba gear. Also, the boys were made to wear oxygen masks for their safety during the rescue expeditions.

Each boy was accompanied by 2 divers during the 1-hour trip out of the cave that entailed traversing through the murky waters. However, the first kilometer was found to be the most dangerous as they had to swim through tapered channels.

Thai cave rescue soccer boys

The oxygen tanks of the boys were held in front by the divers as the team waded through the flooded waters. After crossing the long narrow stretch, the boys were handed over to the other rescue teams who assisted them through the rest of the cave, as each boy were emerging.

Thailand soccer team rescue

Everybody needs to be commended for this successful mission. Of course, the divers contributed the most; without their involvement, the boys may not have survived. However, the boys showed a lot of courage and hence, they too, deserve a pat on their backs. Only one of the divers lost his life and that was indeed unfortunate. After the boys recovered, they paid a special tribute to the diver and seemed to be deeply saddened that one life was lost.


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