The Many Reasons for Visiting Dubai

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Counted amongst one of the 7 emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is famous for its gigantic skyscrapers, colossal shopping hubs, splendid beaches, and enchanting beaches. During earlier times, the city was only an Arabian trading center and has managed to emerge into an ultramodern, cosmopolitan, cross-cultural metropolis.

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Known for its architectural marvels, the city of Dubai is equally famous for its Lebanese fare. Additionally, its various tourist spots give another reason for the wayfarers to stopover at the locale. Furthermore, its cultural diversity is a result of its cosmopolitan status is inclusive of people from various nationalities such as Emiratis, Indians, Arabs, Filipinos, Europeans, and Iranians.

Dubai’s Cost of Living

You might also be interested in learning that the cost of living in Dubai is high because 80 percent of its population are Expats. Nevertheless, there is reason to cheer because you can indulge in a range of activities on your visit to the city and avail several inexpensive alternatives.

The local currency of Dubai is UAE Dirham, but you can also pay via US dollars at the airports, malls, and big stores.

Dubai’s Lifestyle and Cultural Background

Where the lifestyle of Dubai is concerned, you must know that Islam is the dominant religion. If visiting the city during the Ramzan month, there are restrictions to eating at public places even for tourists. Also, there are constraints relating to consumption of alcohol, intake or drugs, dressing provocatively and public display of affection.

Hookahs or shishas are synonymous with Dubai culture. Hookahs are glass-based smoking devices that filter the smoke via water prior to the consumption by the individuals

As an outsider, you are given the freedom to practice your religion. However, be sure that you do not pass disparaging comments about the Islam religion for avoiding prosecution by the law.

Dubai has a vibrant nightlife with numerous entertainment centers that leave you spoilt for choice. You can visit open-air concerts, communal theaters, dancing joints, cocktail places, beaches, and hookah centers.

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Things to Do in Dubai

Amongst the various things to do when in Dubai, you can indulge in activities such as skiing, water sports, camel rides, fishing, and boat rides. Some must-try food items on your list should include falafels and shawarmas. Additionally, the shopaholics can choose from a wide assortment of stores that stock the best international brands for making their purchases. You should also make sure to buy pashmina shawls, rugs, Arabic scents, carpets, spices, hookah sets, almond dates and electronic gadgets – Dubai is popular for these items.

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Dubai’s Climate

If you like warm, desert-like and sub-tropical climates, you must be sure to visit Dubai for its pleasant weather. During December through March, the city also receives some amount of rainfall.

Dubai’s Tourist Attractions

Some tourist attractions of Dubai are discussed in the following details.

The Dubai Fountain

Standing at 900 feet in height, the Dubai fountain at the Burj Dubai Lake ejects spurts of water rising up to 500 feet. You have to gain entry through the Dubai Mall for witnessing its spectacle. Various musical shows playing Classical and Arabic melodies are hosted during the evening for the visitors.

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Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, which stands tall at 828 meters, is the largest building in the world and contains 160 floors.

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Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is an open market that houses a number of restaurants, malls, walking alleys, and coffee shops for your entertainment.

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Palm Islands

Palm Islands contain 3 man-made isles that bear the shape of palm leaves. Revelers can gain access only to Palm Jumeirah that connects to the mainland through bridges and monorails.

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Burj-Al-Arab Hotel

You must also include a visit to Burj Al-Arab hotel in Dubai for its 5-star status and recognition as the 3rd tallest hotel worldwide. Your reservations for a meal or room at the hotel have to be made much in advance as the place is always teeming with crowds of people.

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Some additional tourist places in Dubai include Dubai Creek, Dubai Miracle garden, Jumeriah mosque, Bastakiya district, Dubai mosque, Shindagha district and Dubai water canal.


On a concluding note, we would like to inform you that the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai World Cup that are held during January and March each year are also worth visiting. However, make certain that you confirm your bookings well in advance if you want to avail the best facilities.


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