The Merger Between Google & YouTube for Unveiling a Consolidated App

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The Inside Details About the Merger between Google and YouTube for Unveiling a Consolidated App

Google Play Music and YouTube Red have planned to merge to make available a unified single app. This move is seen as part of their attempts to increase their presence in the music space. There have been talks between Google and You Tube since February this year regarding this new development. Smartphone users can avail these services after paying the subscription fees followed by downloading the app on their gadgetry.

Merger between Google and You Tube
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It was at the New Music Seminar convention that took place at New York where Lyor Cohen, who heads the music department at You Tube, confirmed the news to the Verge pertaining to newer music streaming services being devised. This pronouncement is aimed at offsetting the complications in the ecosystem that were created by YouTube from 2015 onwards after it launched YouTube Red that is a paid subscription and offers the patrons videos sans advertisements, offline cost benefits, and the benefits of Google Play services.

Youtube Music
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In the year 2015, the launch of YouTube Music took place after the unveiling of YouTube Red. The YouTube Music subscribers had access to video-based or audio-based songs, as per their preferences, at no extra costs. However, they were required to subscribe to YouTube Red for enjoying the benefits of its advertisement-free services. Only a small percentage of people opted for these subscriptions.

Google also made an announcement to the Verge that the members of both the services would be kept abreast of any changes beforehand. It was also ascertained that the music segment is important to Google and efforts were directed to improve the music-listening experience to the users. As part of this initiative, Google is focused on delivering optimum services to the artists, collaborators, and members. Assurances were also given that the users will be informed much in advance about any new developments that are likely to take place.

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Lyor Cohen also made promises to directly collude with music label companies and bearers of rights as part of the promotion efforts. He also emphasized on collaborations rather than making deals and awaiting the results to learn whether the partnerships were fruitful or not.

During February, the talks of a merger between YouTube Red and Google Play Music started gaining momentum for developing a single music app. The outcome of this affiliation remains to be seen. Nevertheless, this merger gives us an insight of where Google is headed from here onwards. In their attempts to gain higher market share of the music segment, Google has unveiled newer services such as New Release Radio and has also extended the free tryout period for gaining new patrons so the company is in a better position to compete with Apple Music.

As of June this year, Apple Music registered around 27 million subscribers. Additionally, Apple Company is putting forward never-seen-before content of Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apes through Apple Music. Google is also attempting to make available to its members new content material with the merger of YouTube Red and Google Play Music for enjoying greater share of the music market.

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