These are the Reasons More Couples are Indulging in Morning Sex

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Did you think that sex after the sun sets, is the best time for engaging in the act? Well, you should think again. Why? This is because many experts are claiming that there are also several benefits of making love to your partner when you get up in the morning. In fact, the best time for morning sex is pegged to be 7:30 am. The testosterone levels of the man are higher during that time and they can last longer for satisfying their female partners.

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Moreover, morning sex keeps you energized and charged for the entire day. Both of you have stamina and energy after a good night’s rest and can enjoy a steamy session for preparing yourselves for the day ahead.

It has also been found that morning sex is good for your health and career. Therefore, you should consider setting that alarm a little earlier in the morning than the usual time for enjoying some special moments during daybreak with your partner.

Do you need more reasons for having sex after you get up in the morning? If yes, refer to the following details.

Morning Sex

Consider it a Workout session

Would you believe that a sex session burns up to 200 calories and is equivalent to 15 minutes of running on a treadmill? Yes, this is true. Another benefit of engaging in morning sex lies in the fact that your pelvic muscles get stretched and counts as a workout for them too.

Has a Calming Effect

An ideal way of relieving stress within the body and driving away the morning blues is considered to be having morning sex. Furthermore, it keeps your mood upbeat and increases your efficiency at work as well.

Boosts Immunity Levels

As a result of having sex, both partners can increase the count of immunoglobulins within their bodies and prevent viral attacks. Your best bet to ward off colds and flu in addition to improving your overall well-being, we say.

Younger-looking Skin

If you want to look younger, it is advised to have morning sex for stimulating for the release of the anti-aging hormone known as DHEA. Following an orgasm, the levels of DHEA are found to increase by 5 times as compared to their normal range. So if you want that facial glow to last all day long, indulge in love-making sessions at dawn.

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An excellent substitute for caffeine

You may need your daily dose of caffeine, but drinking coffee in excessive amounts is not beneficial for your health. Morning sex serves as a great replacement for your caffeine fix during the AM hours.

The additional benefits of morning sex include heightens your heart rate (improves the health of your cardiovascular system), lowers blood pressure levels, tones your muscles and improves your cognitive ability.

Secretes Oxytocin

Sex is also known to facilitate the release of the feel-good chemical known as Oxytocin that helps in enriching the mood. It keeps you happy and calm and encourages greater interaction with your partner for strengthening the relationship bonds and increasing your longevity of life.

Need we say more? We do not think so. If you are smart, you know what you should do, right?

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