Tips on Fixing Your Washing Machine

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It’s one of those days where nothing is going your way and to add to the disarray your washing machine needs fixing. The washer may seem to not drain, revolve or stops abruptly in the midst of a cycle. If you are caught in such a situation, do not fret as there are several repair works that you can perform on your own without calling the repairman.

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During this endeavor, it is important to determine the parts that are damaged and whether they have to be replaced or repaired. The owner’s manual, which comes along when you buy the machine, is handy to guide you through this process. Take the time out to refer to it and within a few minutes, your machine could be ready for use.

  • It may help to check if the problem lies in the power supply or water source. In the event of the power cable being damaged, it needs replacement. Sometimes, all you need to do to get your machine working again is to give it a thorough cleaning.
  • It could also help to dismantle the machine for assessing the worn-out parts. In such cases, turn-off the power and water switches. By merely glancing at the washing unit closely, it becomes easy to learn about the problematic parts.
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  • In the event that your washer does not function, there could be issues with your timer. Check the wires that are attached to the timer, if they are loose, go ahead and fix them rightly. If this does not help, it is time to call the repairman.
  • At times, the machines may leak due to which you will find that they do not operate normally. You can check if the wires or hoses are loose and tighten them accordingly. If the problem is not resolved, you must consider replacing them. You can avail a variety of hose pipes for repairing your washing unit.
  • If your machine is noisy during operation, it could be because the washer belt is malfunctioning. You should consider repairing or replacing the same. Also, try detaching the back of the washer unit and tauten the motor bolts.

If after all your efforts, the machine fails to start, it is time to ask for technical assistance. Let the repairman come and diagnose the problem. Ask him to give you a quotation for the repairing works. If your machine is old and the bill is high for the mending works, maybe it is time to ditch your old machine and buy a new one.

There is a wide array of newer models of washing appliances with advanced features that are available in the market nowadays.

Additionally, if you have a top loader, it is advisable to opt for new front loading machines because they consume lesser water as compared to the top loaders. Moreover, the time taken to dry the clothes in the front loaders is relatively less than their top loading counterparts.

Nevertheless, if you are not able to afford a new machine, then consider fixing the same. Most machines require basic repairs to keep them functional for many years to come.

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