Top 5 Male-related Anxieties

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As humans, we are prone to anxiety disorders. These could be related to financial responsibilities, physical attributes, or achievements. Different people have varying levels of anxiety. Additionally, the various reasons for anxiety in men and women are not the same. In the below-listed details, we study the common 5 anxieties that afflict the male population.

1.  Size of Penis

Some men are prone to anxiety concerning their penis size. They may perceive that it is smaller than what it should normally be and feel that they will not be able to satisfy their female partners in bed. Their anxiety levels could rise due to these false perceptions.

My penis is too small
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It is important to note that certain factors can lead to incorrect notions about the penis size. Factors such as obesity and excess pubic hair can make the penis seem smaller than its actual size. Additionally, a small-sized penis in its flaccid condition should not be construed that it remains small even when erect. This is because the penis elongates during an erection.

2.   Premature Ejaculation

Men are also known to suffer from premature ejaculation due to anxiety. They have a tendency of ejaculating prior to the insertion. This could result in both partners not being satisfied. The man could also have doubts concerning his masculinity and fear that he may become an object of ridicule.

Premature Ejaculation
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Some other reasons why men ejaculate prematurely are because of communal pressure and lesser experience. Thankfully, several natural treatments and OTC medicines can help in overcoming this problem. They are also advised to follow a daily exercise routine for their overall well-being.

3.  Balding

There is a correlation between anxiousness and hair loss. High-stress levels can induce the body to release certain hormones such as DHT and testosterone. The over-production of these hormones can lead to damage of the hair follicles and cause loss of hair.

Anxiousness and hair loss
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The good news is that you can practice a range of stress-relieving techniques for lowering bodily stress. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, low-impact exertion, and gardening are some activities that keep the stress levels within the normal range. Moreover, an array of hair products for men are available for treating the disorder.

4.  Finance

Financial problems are also leading causes of anxieties in the male population. Men feel that the burden is on their shoulders to support their family. As a result, they could suffer from Money Anxiety Disorder ( MAD ) during a financial crisis.

Financial problems
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In such cases, they are advised to manage their money more efficiently for reducing their anxiety levels. They should look for profitable avenues for investing their savings for their financial security and emotional stability.

5.  Infidelity

Men are known to cheat on their wives due to several reasons including addiction to sex, low self-confidence levels, depression, emotional dependence, and having some fun. This could lead to anxiety as they might become fearful that they will be caught by their wives.

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In these circumstances, they are advised to opt for therapy to learn the reasons for their infidelity. Alternatively, they can also reveal their secret to their wives after which they could have joint sessions for saving their marriage.


We have listed the top 5 reasons that lead to anxiety in men. Remember that problems can be resolved. By taking undue stress, we lose our ability to think clearly and remain stuck with our problems. Try taking measures to lower stress for keeping anxiety under control. It will surely help you in becoming happier and more peaceful.

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