US-North Korea Summit: When Trump Met Kim!!

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Just a few months back, U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s young dictator, Kim Jung Un, were exchanging insults and threatening each other of imminent nuclear war. [Read: Is China Unnerved By The Summit Between Two Koreas?]

Who could have ever thought of that both leaders would meet at a historic summit, shaking hands in front of the world’s press and would sign a “very comprehensive” document?

This meeting is historic in many ways because this is the first time a sitting U.S. President and a North Korean leader met.

Reacting to the outcome of the summit Kim through his translator said,” “the world will witness a major change now,” whereas Trump said,” the U.S. relationship with North Korea would be a “very much different situation than it has in the past.”

After months of insults that had previously been thrown out by both men, the moment they shook hands in Singapore on Tuesday morning, it went into history.

Historic Agreement

The climax of Mr. Trump’s meeting with Kim was followed by the signing of a joint agreement.

The 400-word statement proceeded by four hours of talks, first between the leaders one-on-one and then with a wider group of advisers.

The declaration read out that the President and Chairman Kim Jong Un conducted a comprehensive, in-depth, and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment of new US-DPRK relations and the building of a lasting and robust peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

The President showed his commitment to providing security guarantees to the DPRK whereas North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. 

Tremendous Relationship 

After meeting between two leaders, Mr. Trump termed the relationship between him and Kim as “Tremendous”. Mr. Trump was also gone on to say that he could trust the North Korean leader after the pair met in Singapore.

The US president rated their talks as honest, direct and productive.  According to Trump, they got to know each other well in a very short period of time.

When he asked if he trusts Kim, he replied: “I do.” When he was forced to explain, Trump said: “I know when someone wants to deal and I know when they don’t.”

Mr. Trump said: “Anyone can make war but only the most courageous can make peace.”

Trump to Suspend Military Exercises on Korean Peninsula? 

President Trump hinted at suspending military exercises on the Korean Peninsula after the summit and he did expect a similar response from the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to dismantle his nuclear arsenal as soon as possible.

But Mr. Trump said economic sanctions against North Korea will go on. 

Worst-Case Outcome

Long-time diplomats fear two scenarios:

  1. The unpredictable American President may push for military conflict in the vent of failure or disrespect from Kim calls this moment for diplomacy “a one-time shot.” Because the North Korean regime outrightly rejected unilateral denuclearization. Trump may privately expect to achieve that anyway.

  1. Many feel this summit as “catastrophic success.” That’s Trump’s hunger for a historic triumph might lead him to give too much, such as withdrawal of U.S. troops that protect South Korea and display American military might in the region.

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