Wardrobe malfunction is a gimmick?

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Wardrobe malfunction! This may not be an unusual term for fashion & celebrity followers these days. This has become a buzz word for the celebrity lifestyle. Can you remember Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl performance alongside Justin Timberlake? Yes, ever since that nip slip has occurred, it seems celebrities have taken it as the easiest and simplest way of getting into the limelight because “any publicity is good publicity”. Wearing revealing outfits at public places, celebrity gatherings and at award functions make them media frenzy.
Wardrobe malfunctions are quite a common occurrence in the life of Hollywood celebrities. Starting from nip slips to crotch shots are common. Nobody is sure whether it happens genuinely or it is a publicity stunt orchestrated smartly. Talking about wardrobe malfunctions, it can be really embarrassing for a person especially when you are a celebrity and all eyes are directed at you. 

Wardrobe malfunction
Wardrobe malfunctions are found to be quite common in ramp shows, Red Carpet walks and celebrity parties which give the celebrities an instant spotlight with ample fodder to paparazzi for snaps. Some of the occurrences are completely unintentional whereas some are extremely embarrassing to be spontaneous. After such incidents, the celebrity or model is sure to become the talk of the town and the biggest beneficiary is the fashion show. Most of the times those celebrities choose to be “victims” as publicity stunts.
The question arises when such dresses fail to meet the basic requirements of safe wear, then why they are being showcased at such public events. The best of designers and top models are becoming the topics of most vicious gossips due to wardrobe malfunctions. Spontaneous or not-so-spontaneous incidents make celebrity shows most watched and talked in media and elsewhere. 

Causes of Wardrobe Malfunctions

  1. Haste – When you are in a hurry, mistakes can happen.
  2. Comic Timing – It’s not that easy to tear most clothes but being funny, such things can happen.
  3. Environment – Just because something looks fine at home and before mirror does not mean same is true for studio lights or a camera flash.
  4. Poor decisions – Poor choice of decisions have led to the coining of the phrase Wardrobe Malfunction, but do women go around showing their breast and their private parts at such public events.
  5. Stupidity & Desperation – Some of the celebrities and models are too crazy and ignorant about their looks and costume. They do some things with their attire in the craze which is found to be ridiculous at the end.

Top 10 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

  1. Sofia Vergara flashing her bum at the Emmys 2012
  2. Emma Watson’s nips slip at the premiere of Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  3. Zaina Dridi wind shows knickers while walking the red carpet for ‘Carol’.
  4. Rihanna Barely avoiding a wardrobe malfunction at Pre-Grammy gala 2014.
  5. Bella Hadid embarrassing wardrobes malfunction at Cannes 2016.
  6. Jennifer Lawrence’s dresses rip at the SAG Awards.
  7. Paris Hiltons’ Missing Undergarments.
  8. Janet Jackson’s On-Stage Nipplegate.
  9. Mariah Carey gave Paris fans a show before her concert after suffering a nip slip while exiting her hotel.
  10. While presenting an award during the 2012 Academy Awards, Jennifer Lopez was faced with a bit of a nip slip.

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