Weight Training Vs Cardio – Which is Best for Losing Belly Fat?

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Do you not hate having excess belly fat? When you look in the mirror and see flabby skin, does it not bother you? Are you not confused amongst the several options that claim to be effective for shedding the extra calories? If you do not seem to have made up your mind on whether you should opt for strength training or aerobics for losing the flab, then it may help to learn that a combination of both these alternatives is considered ideal for reducing the waist measures. However, if you have to make a choice between the two, then weight training is considered to be more effective.

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Well, there has been an ongoing discussion on whether strength training or aerobic exercises is better to lose weight, especially for men. In such a scenario, you might be interested in learning that weight training scores over aerobics. Low-impact exercises such as running on the treadmill, gardening, cycling, and swimming may be effective to some extent. Additionally, performing cardio exercises can improve overall well-being. But, strength training wins hands down when compared to the others. The intake of a balanced diet with the inclusion of protein-rich sources should also be accompanied with your weight lifting efforts.

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As per a study, healthy men aged 40 years were required to lift weights for 20 minutes per day and it seems they acquired only half the belly fat as compared to those groups that relied only on cardio for shedding their abdominal weight. The results revealed that weight training trumped over aerobic or cardio exercises when concerned with losing the excess calories around the belly.

Aerobics is no doubt beneficial as it facilitates the transport of oxygenated blood by the heart to the exerting muscles. Also, a rise in the heart and breathing rate is recorded during the sessions.

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However, we can benefit more by lifting weights. This is because as we become older, there is a tendency of losing muscle mass. When we lose lean muscle, we acquire body fat that tends to accumulate around our abdomen. Excessive quantities of visceral or active fat raise our risk of bodily disorders such as Diabetes, cancers and heart-linked illnesses.

The primary reason for the effectiveness of weight training lies in the fact that when we pump iron, we are constantly building muscle mass that does not occur if we depend only on cardio.

Additionally, through weight training, our muscles are toughened and their ability to take in oxygen is enhanced. When we take in more oxygen, the body is able to burn more fat. As a result of greater oxygen uptake, the muscles acquire more mitochondria – the energy sparks in the muscular cells. If the body contains extra mitochondria, its fat-burning ability is improved and results in higher energy production.

Moreover, we continue to shed weight even during the breaks as compared to persons who did not indulge in weightlifting.

However, there is need to sustain a weight-training schedule over a period of few years for witnessing the desired results.

If you do more than 20 minutes, you can enjoy greater benefits, but even 20 minutes in a day is advisable.

A combination of both cardio and weight training are your best bet for keeping your gut in good shape. Nevertheless, if you have only 20 minutes to spare at the gym, go for weight training – it will benefit you more in the long run.

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