What are Justin and Selena Exactly Up to these Days?

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The inevitable has finally happened. Yes, Justin and Selena are back together. Well, you may be wondering what about the rumors of Selena and Abel, the Weekend Singer, dating each other. It seems like they broke up. After being in a relationship for 10 months, they have split ways.

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In the recent days, Justin and Selena were seen cycling the streets of Los Angeles, laughing and having a fun time. Justin was wearing a red oversized T-shirt and Selena appeared in gray top and trousers during one of their bicycling expeditions. The couple seemed to be enjoying each other company immensely. Thereafter, the rumor mills started running overtime and speculation about the pair reuniting started growing.

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There were also rumors about the couple being spotted at ice hockey matches, coffee shops, and a series of dinner dates at restaurants including one at Morton’s The Steakhouse.

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They seem to be cozying up to each other during their dates, according to eyewitnesses. At one of their outings, Selena’s ensemble consisted of a white jumper, a pair of jeans and loafers.

None of the parties have confirmed whether the couple has reunited but their behavior is certainly indicating that they are back with each other.

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The duo has been in an on-and-off relationship for several years. During the years 2011-14, they were dating and were also nicknamed as ‘Jelena’. Thereafter, they seemed to have officially broken up but were spotted together on several occasions.

They were also seeing other people. Justin was linked to Haley Baldwin and Sofia Richie. Also, Selena started dating Abel Tesfaye, aka the Weekend, during January 2017.

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The rumors about Selena and Justin rekindling their relationship started gaining momentum when they were spotted spending the whole day together, attending church and having lunch. Later in the evening on the same day, Justin also seemed to have visited Selena’s house.

It was Justin’s pastor Carl Lentz who had a role to play in the couple getting back with Selena. The pastor had asked Justin to make amends with Selena. Following his pastor’s instructions, Justin asked for Selena’s forgiveness. He has also made efforts to clear his life is hoping to start life on a new positive note with Selena – his true love, as he proclaims.

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Justin is a regular visitor at Hillsong Church and all of Justin’s girlfriends are found to have a meeting with his pastor for resisting themselves from driving Justin astray.

Recently, Selena has been going through several ups and downs in her personal life. Apparently, she also had a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with Lupus. The donor was her friend Francia Raisa, who is a television actress and features in ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’.

It was during Selena’s stay at the hospital during her kidney transplant operation that both of them were sending messages to each other. Justin was hurt about the fact that he learned about her condition through the press and Selena had not told him directly. However, he sent her flowers and wished her a speedy recovery.

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There is enough evidence to suggest that the couple is giving their relationship a new lease of life. We wish them all the best for the future!

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