When Prince Harry Met Superstar Meghan?

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It was last fall that the news of Prince Harry dating Meghan Markle started doing the rounds. Thereafter, there was much speculation on their first meeting and the ones that followed. It also seems that Meghan was introduced to Harry’s family including his father Prince Charles, brother Prince William, sister-in-law Kate Middleton, and little niece Princess Charlotte.

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Harry and Meghan met in Toronto in May 2017. The ‘Suits’ series featuring Meghan is being filmed in the locale. Harry was present in the city during May when he was launching the Invictus Games. As first, they were friends and it was only later that the pair got romantically involved.

There are reports claiming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a secret engagement. Her move to London in addition to her being provided with royal cars and protection are indicating towards this affair. Also, they appeared to be hand-in-hand at the Invictus Games after which the rumors appeared to have garnered momentum. It is also being hinted that following the secret engagement, they are waiting for an opportune time to make the news public.

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The Royals are known to hold their cards close to their chest so it was surprising when Meghan during an interview to Vanity Fair hinted towards her rendezvous with the Royal Prince. Also, sources are saying that it is not possible for Harry to kiss Meghan in public, was his heart not set on having a long-term future with the actress. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the rumor mills are running overtime and speculating whether the duo is engaged and their wedding plans are underway.

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Some reports are also suggesting that Meghan may move to London by November after she wraps up the current series of ‘Suits’. Apparently, Meghan loves depicting Rachel and wants to fulfill her obligations towards her role. Prince Harry will surely not be moving to Toronto, therefore, Meghan will have to shift her base to London if they want to be together.

Rumor also has it that Meghan was seen driving Harry’s VW Golf around the Streets of London which further added fuel to the ongoing gossip about the pair’s burgeoning relationship.

The car does not belong to Harry but was given to Meghan by Volkswagen as per a contentious deal that the company has with the Royals for providing cars on lease at a 60 percent discount, suggesting that the firm was asked to treat her as part of the Royal family.

According to some sources, Meghan may not be wearing a ring and the official announcement may not have been made, but after witnessing these incidences, it can be considered that they are good as being engaged. Also, it seems that they are openly discussing their wedding plans with their close friends and family members already thinking about their wedding ensemble.

In fact, British-based fashion designer Giles Deacon – Pippa Middleton’s wedding apparel was also done by him -has also expressed interest in designing Meghan’s wedding outfit, is she wishes him to do so.

Another indication towards the couple’s plans on having a future together was seen during the Invictus Games when Meghan was guided by the British Police and given official protection during the event.

As we conclude, we wish the couple all the best in their new innings in life, if the rumors are to be believed, and hope that they live happily ever after.


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