Why You Should Consider Vacationing at Splendid Zanzibar

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In the impending holidays this season, if you are exploring options for taking a vacation, we suggest you consider making a trip to Zanzibar. The locale is a part of Tanzania in the Eastern part of Africa.

Zanzibar Island in Egypt.
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Comprised of a grouping of islands, Zanzibar is referred to as an archipelago and partially-operated on an independent basis. Its largest islands are Pemba and Unguja. Several small-sized islands are also part of this tourist destination. Its capital Zanzibar city is situated on Unguja island. Stone Town is most popular in Zanzibar city and has also been hailed as a World Heritage Site.

Zanzibar from sea
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In spite of being destroyed by war in the year 1986 and having to surrender to British forces, Zanzibar has a rich cultural heritage.

On your visit to Zanzibar, some places that you may want to visit include: the fishing villages of Urao, Kizimkazi, and Jambiani; Stone Town; Nungwi is favored for taking a dip in the ocean; Paje – famous for flying kites; Makunduchi that is found 70 km from Stone Town; Chwaka village – the biggest amongst the other sites; Matemwe known for its traditional ways; Kewa – a tourist attraction.

If you want to travel around Zanzibar, the modes of transport that can be availed are taxis, ferries, rented cars, and Daladala.

ferry docked at Zanzibar
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You must also ensure to visit the beaches in Zanzibar that are laced with white sands. Also, consider signing up for tours and treks to become better acquainted with the city’s cultural heritage. You can buy spices such as anise, cloves, pepper, cardamom, cloves, and ginger to take back home for your folks. The term ‘Spice Islands’ has been coined for the Zanzibar Archipelago and Mafia Island of Tanzania.

Zanzibar Beach
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At the Jozani Forest in Zanzibar, you can catch glimpses of the varied plant species that are native to the district. Also, you can make a stopover at the mangrove forests to catch some spectacular sights. A distinctive feature of these forests are the Red Colobus monkeys that are dependent on 70 plants that are grown only in these locales.

Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey
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On your visit to Stone Town, you can book yourself on a walking tour for catching glimpses of the House of Wonders and Arab Fort.

House of Wonders and Arab Fort
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The open air markets of Zanzibar offer rare products like ‘elephant garlic’ and the biggest avocados. The Seaweed Center has a significant percentage of working women and is also worth a visit. Seaweed-based cosmetic products such as creams and soaps are manufactured at these factories and can be purchased.

elephant garlic
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The locals of Zanzibar are inviting and known to cook traditional fare for the tourists, thereby, giving you another reason to visit the site.

If you are touring Zanzibar in the month of July, you can attend the Zanzibar International Film Festival where you can witness the region’s various arts and listen to traditional music known as Taarab.

If you ever plan a trip to Zanzibar, make certain that you indulge in the above-listed activities. The locale has much more to offer to its patrons and is surely worth a visit at least once in your lifetime for its distinctiveness.

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