Why You Should Indulge in Kissing

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There are several reasons for indulging in kissing. During earlier times, the act of giving a kiss was perceived to be a way of passing germs from one person to another for the purpose of boosting immunity. Well, this may sound quite unromantic. However, apart from its varied health-related advantages, its role in strengthening relationships bonds cannot be ignored. It is not only kissing but all forms of affection, that seem to have a positive effect on our bodies. It has also been seen that people who have kiss often are reported to have low-stress levels and are happier beings. The many reasons why we recommend kissing are studied below.

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  • Monitor Blood Pressure

If you are kissed on a regular basis, it leads to the widening of the blood vessels and allows the blood to flow freely within the body due to which the levels of blood pressure are controlled.

  • Relief from Pain

Due to the uninterrupted circulation of blood, the bodily parts receive adequate nutrients and helps in relieving pain and giving comfort.

  • Counters Cavities

Cavities are preventable through kissing because the production of saliva heightens and eliminates plaque deposits that result in cavities. Nevertheless, bacterial elements that cause cavities are also transmitted via a kiss, if the person does not practice oral hygiene. Therefore, it becomes important to take the precautions beforehand.

Kissing Benefits
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  • Promotes Overall Well-Being

Kissing induces the release of ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins. Moreover, the production of chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are also released. As a result, it helps to thwart depression, uplift the mood, and promote overall health.

  • Burning Calories

Kissing is also effective for burning calories. So if you are looking to lose weight, it is advised to indulge in the act for prolonged durations. However, you must also pursue an exercise regime for keeping fit and becoming desirable for your partner. Investing in gym equipment can help in maintaining good health. Also, consider performing yoga for which you would only need to invest in a yoga mat.

  • Tones Muscles

A kiss is helpful for toning the jaws and neck as it stretches the facial muscles.

  • Raises Productivity

It has been researched that men who are kissed before heading for work are more contented and productive. Additionally, they have reported high earnings. This is another reason for engaging in the act on a habitual basis. Nonetheless, be sure to smell nice and purchase best quality men’s fragrances for enticing your partner.

Other Benefits

All groups of people can benefit from kissing, including babies. In addition to lowering the stress levels, it has also been witnessed that allergic reactions in those groups of people suffering from allergies reduce when they are kissed.

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Research studies have also indicated that people engaging in kissing with their partners on a priority basis reported lower stress levels and reduced levels of cholesterol. It could also lead to longevity of life due to greater satisfaction in romantic relationships.

Kissing is also a prelude to sex; both impart similar benefits. As humans, we all need love and affection. Additionally, it can be highly advantageous for health to indulge in the acts. Our relationships give us reasons to live and can make life much more satisfying.

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