Women Can Love Sports Too

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Cam Newton’s comment during an interview to the Charlotte Observers’ interviewer Jourdan Rodrigue where he found it funny when he heard females talk about routes raised many eyebrows. Cam Newton is the quarterback for team Carolina Panthers. Apparently, he was also dropped from an endorsement deal with the Pro Football Writers of America and Dannon as a result of his actions.

Women Can Love Sports
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The next day, apparently, he gave an explanation stating that it was not really funny. Later, he asserted that he was being sarcastic and his comment was meant to be a compliment for Rodrigues. Nonetheless, his remark is a stark reminder of the fact that men are unable to grasp the fact that women can be sports lovers too.

The origins of this misunderstanding can be traced back to the 20th Century when in the year 1971, it was reported that 3.7 million boys enrolled for playing high school sports and, in contrast, only 3,00,000 girls choose to avail the option. In short, it was more common for boys to engage in sports as compared to their female counterparts. Going by these numbers, anybody is bound to think that ladies are less inclined to engage in sports.

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However, in the year 1973, Title IX was passed affirming that men and women be given equal opportunities in sports. Thereafter, the following year in 1973, it was observed that more than 800,000 girls were eager to participate in games. Reports also indicated that after 5 years the number grew to above 2 million. Presently, around 3.2 million girls are actively indulging in sports. Clearly, the passing of Title IX changed the scenario completely and increased the number of female participants in sports activities. Young girls and women were offered the opportunity and they happily lapped it up.

In addition to women playing sports, they are also sports lovers. As per a survey, it was found that 51% women claimed to be sports fans. Several men and women do not like sports. But according to the poll, it can be safely said that more than 60 million women US residents are glued to the television sets when the matches are being played. 

NFL and ESPN surveys indicate that more than 45% of women keep themselves updated on the latest happenings in NFL. Therefore, it is safe to say women play and watch sports.

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Moreover, it is also being perceived that if women choose to not follow or spend cash on sports, the revenues of the leagues and players are sure to drop considerably. Even then, it is seen that men continue thinking that women do not take keen interest in sports. Also, they do not seem to be happy about the fact that women are sports lovers as well.

Many women also narrate stories of men quizzing them when they happen to express their love for sports. Additionally, if she happens to mention her favourite team’s name, a volley of questions about the squad is aimed at her.  Furthermore, men sports dominate the media.

It is a real sad state of affairs that women are not given their due when it comes to sports. Nevertheless, the irony lies in the fact that despite the fact that millions of girls and women engage in sports, the male population are believers of the notion that the female population does not understand sports. Maybe, they do not know that much about sports as they should.

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